Moving Forward Every Day

Day 9

Korean: Level 0.0000000000002

Korean Word of the Day: 책상 (chaeksang) = desk

Kpop Song of the Day: Punishment - Roh Ji Hoon

When I first heard this song it was kind of a meh for me. But then Roh Ji Hoon’s hotness made me come back and watch the video again….and now I love it!

I feel like Roh Ji Hoon is going to make some really good songs in the future. This video combined with his live performances give him a lot of promise. One thing I love about him is how much he seems to enjoy performing. Now, he seems really confident on stage. I hope he releases more music soon :D

And as for that dance….


I don’t even…what…just….i don’t know how he can keep doing that (especially in all those tight pants he wears). I’m a girl and I can’t even do this dance! Now these are the type of pants you wear for this type of dance: 


Roh Ji Hoon must wear like really loose belts or something…..

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